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30 January 2009

User Experience Deliverables

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It's an exhilarating time for the user experience community. Rising awareness of our value plus emerging technologies and transmedia trends have created conditions for a step change in our practice. As an information architect, I'm enjoying the new challenges immensely, even as they sweep me outside my comfort zone. I've designed social software and rich user interfaces. I've sketched scenarios for the future of mobile search. I've mapped the user experience across channels and applications. And, I've increasingly found myself striving to clarify ideas for folks in the executive suite.

18 December 2008

Cultivating Conversations | Jason Santa Maria

I go to a website and read an article. Man, that was really great. I’d like to comment and ask the author a question. I scroll down… 384 comments. Ugh. Screw this.

A visual guide to navigating blog comments | Blog |

When it comes to following the ebb and flow of comments on blogs, it’s easy to get lost; they’re not laid out in the thread format we see in forums, but in a linear hoppity-skip way that makes a consistent flow of discussion almost impossible to maintain. One comment might not draw a response for a month, by which time fifty other comments may separate the initial post and its follow up. This is the issue I think I’ve dealt with.

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