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Be proud of your data, show it off! Embeddable, remixable, virtualizable, portable, real time visualizations


Handsome Stats

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Handsome Stats gives you a beautifully clear snapshot of your Google Analytics It’s excellent for helping clients understand their site traffic.


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Dashing is a Sinatra based framework that lets you build beautiful dashboards.



Dashku lets you build real-time dashboards and widgets using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.



Geckoboard - Realtime Business Status Board

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Together at last! Web analytics, CRM, support, infrastructure, project management, sales... all in one place. Geckoboard is a hosted, real-time status board serving up the indicators that matter to you. Finally, a live view on the health of your business!

JD’s Blog » Blog Archive » Business porn: the company dashboard

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Few people know this, but I absolutely love seeing the dashboard or backend systems of various businesses. Thankfully, in this age of e-businesses they’re becoming more and more prevelant and more and more sexy. I’ve been meaning to post about this in the past but had not got around to it when I spied a hacker news post about the new Panic Status Board. I really recommend reading the thread.

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