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Scuttle | Download Scuttle software for free at

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Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favourite links online.


Aza’s Thoughts » Vote! How to Detect the Social Sites Your Visitors Use

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Today I’m releasing SocialHistory.js, code which enables you to detect which social bookmarking sites your visitors use.

Faviki - Social bookmarking tool using smart semantic Wikipedia (DBpedia) tags

Faviki is a social bookmarking tool that lets you tag bookmarks using Wikipedia concepts as tags. Faviki lets you keep your own tags and connect them to common, universal concepts from the world's largest collection of knowledge!

Pinboard - antisocial bookmarking

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Welcome to Pinboard! Social bookmarking for introverts * Easy import and export in format. * Fast site with less clutter. * Nightly database backups to S3 (welcome, Ma.gnolia users!) * Lightweight to read status for things you want to look at later * Private bookmarks and private tags * Easier bulk editing



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