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Forest - The Admin Interface your Application Deserves

The Admin Interface your application deserves A universal admin interface designed to manage all your application data and business operations.

December 2016

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Deploy BareMetal and Virtual cloud SSD server in seconds.


ai2html is an open-source script for Adobe Illustrator that converts your Illustrator documents into html and css.

October 2016

Automated Website Testing and Monitoring - Ghost Inspector

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Automated UI Testing Made Easy Catch Website Bugs and Regressions Before They Cost You


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A rich framework for building applications and services hapi enables developers to focus on writing reusable application logic instead of spending time building infrastructure.

Atomic Docs

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A style guide generator and component manager.

September 2016

Why we use progressive enhancement to build GOV.UK | Technology at GDS

There seems to be a common belief among front-end developers that progressive enhancement is either old fashioned or has simply been replaced by single page applications. This is a problem of perception. We’d like to explain why we use progressive enhancement to build GOV.UK.

Open Innovation Toolkit

The Open Innovation Toolkit is a community sourced set of best practices and principles to help you incorporate human-centered design into your product development process. Whether you have a new idea or a working prototype to test, the Open Innovation Toolkit can help.

August 2016

Introduction · Loomio Cooperative Handbook

We build software for collaborative decision making, used by thousands of organisations and communities around the world. The software we build is open source, which means we freely share the code for anyone to read, learn from, and modify. Our organisation is open source too. If you want to learn how we run an efficient organisation without a hierarchy, this handbook is a good place to start.


Fast, free screen recording

Opentest - Elevating the product experience

Seamless screen, mic and camera recording for Chrome. Completely free.

July 2016

May 2016


a font for programming and code review

Frend — A collection of accessible, modern front-end components.

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Frend components are modest and dependency-free. They are built with web standards as a priority and aim to avoid assumptions about tooling or environment. Care has been taken to make sure each component is compliant, keyboard navigable and properly interpreted by assistive technologies.


The bridge between bitcoin and euro. Pay bills, send and receive money. Fast.

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