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July 2005

Jesse James Garrett:

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Site from the founder of Adaptive Path.

The elements of User Experience

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Process diagram visualizing the relationship between web as software interface and web as hypertext system.

adaptive path » the nine pillars of successful web teams

How to divide up roles and responsibilities and implement processes for design and development.


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Creative consultancy and design studio

The Information Architecture Institute

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The Information Architecture Institute is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to advancing and promoting information architecture.


Information architecture blog

v-2 studies+observations | beauty. utility. balance.

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Personal site of Adam Greenfield, co-founder of Boxes&Arrows.

Happy Cog Studios: web design and user experience

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Founded by Jeffrey Zeldman, author of Designing With Web Standard. Also publishes A List Apart, a thought leader in the field of web design and a resource trusted by designers, developers, content specialists, and site owner/managers.

Boxes and Arrows: All How to: Deliverables & Documentation Articles

Tips, techniques and step-by-step guides to creating effective deliverables.

Boxes and Arrows: All How to: Methods & Approaches Articles

When should you do a low-fidelity prototype? How about a site index? How does your work need to integrate with the branding? We look at both strategies for approaching problems and tactics for implementing solutions.

User Experience Design Process

By Erin Malone, editor in chief for Boxes and Arrows, and currently Director of Design, Platform group at Yahoo!

Customer Experience Strategy

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A blog about customer experience, mobile and design.

adaptive path » user experience services

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Process and services from strategy, research and design.

Web Style Guide, 2nd Edition

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Web design process, checklists and examples deliverables

Creative Good - customer experience consulting, user experience

Creative Good specializes in raising business metrics by improving the customer experience.

ColorMatch Remix

Create and export a web color palette in seconds.

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Can you resist to click? Experience a button free world.

May 2005

Webby Awards

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The Best Of The Web.

Grant Robinson online

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Projects, blogs, photography and portfolio.

April 2005

37signals » Web Design and Usability Experts

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37 signals is an elite team of expert web design and usability specialists dedicated to simple, clear, and usable customer-focused design. - inspirational gathering

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A list of monthly favorite websites from a wide range of top quality design inspirational sites.


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YaGoohoo!gle let’s you search Yahoo and Google at the same time, with a split screen.

Adaptive path » essay archives

Archive of all essays published by Adaptive Path, cover subjects such as "The Enterprise Search Report", "Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications", "Making A Better CMS", etc.

March 2005

pod1 media solutions - web design agency, London UK

Pod1 is a full service digital communications agency offering strategic, creative and technological services in web & interactive, e-marketing. film & TV.

The Hive Group - Creators of Honeycomb Technology

Data visualization; works in similar way than Smart Money or Google News. Applied to browse iTunes and Amazon.