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August 2005

Business week online

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Technology News, Science News : Technology & Science News Articles

July 2005


FUSEDSPACE is an international competition for innovative applications for new technology in/as public domain.

June 2005

IFTF's Future Now

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Emerging technologies and their implications for the future.

May 2005

Welcome to Tobii Technology

Eye-tracking technology applied to usability research and computer interaction solutions.


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Transmaterial is a catalog of materials, products and processes that are redefining our physical environment.

Shoppers to pay by fingerprint

A German supermarket chain has introduced a new way of allowing customers to pay using just their fingerprints.

MouseField: A Simple and Versatile Input Device for Ubiquitous Computing

Play music, skip track and control music by sliding or rotating a CD jacket placed on MouseField.

April 2005

ISEA2006 Symposium | ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge

August 5th - 13th, 2006 | San Jose, California. The Inter-Society for Electronic Arts (ISEA) is an international non-profit organization fostering exchange among organizations and individuals working with art, science and emerging technologies.

'Minority Report' interface created for US military

Defence company Raytheon, is working on a real version and has even employed John Underkoffler, the researcher who proposed the interface to the makers of the film.

Singularity News

Tracking human technological progress in its endgame; heralding the coming neohuman era.

CyberWalk - Unconstrained Walking in Virtual Worlds

The development of a walking platform, the CyberCarpet, which will allow unconstrained movement in virtual worlds is the goal of the CyberWalk project

Cybersonica 05

28th April - 1st May 2005 | London. Cybersonica, London's leading international festival of music, sound, audiovisual fusion and technology invites you to a celebration of 'playful noise'.

'Ere Be Dragons - pocket PC game based on user's heartbeat

'Ere Be Dragons is the prototype of a new creative game for pocket PC's that takes you into a virtual world created by your own heartbeat.

Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection

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Discuss all things having to do with the new digital revolution -- including Microsoft, TiVo, Media Centers, Music, Photography, Art, Digital Rights, Blogging, The Internet, Mylifebits, Television and other topics regarding the power of personal technolog

March 2005

dorkbot - People doing strange things with electricity

Meeting and events from people involved in the creation of electronic art.

Welcome to the OpenEEG project - DIY Neurofeedback

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The OpenEEG project is about making plans and software for do-it-yourself EEG devices available for free (as in GPL).


One aspect of the Mitsui-Toshiba Pavilion that has become a focus of attention is Futurecast System, a world-first in entertainment.

Searching for the Why of Buy

Researchers scan for insight into how marketing may brand the brain's preference for products and politicians.

Toshiba’s digital cinema - Aichi Expo 2005, Japan

Go to the cinema and end up the star of your personal film


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News and business intelligence service on technology and science.

Umair Haque's Bubblegeneration

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The Strategy and Economics of Innovation


Smart Shopping and Ubiquitous Computing

Julia Set

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Julia Set is an online weblog published by the Design and Technology Program at Parsons School of Design, NYC.

Uber TV

Envisioning our cybernetic environments, news clippings.

Future Feeder

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Feeding Technology, Design and architecture.