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June 2005

Springwise: Instant inspiration from the world's best new business ideas

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World's leading source for promising new business ideas, concepts and innovations.


Home of firestarters in the genesis of authentic and radical new concepts, methods and ideas. Creating momentum for effective product and business development

April 2005

Modern Marketing - Collaborate Marketing Services

James Cherkoff is a Director of Collaborate Marketing, an independent consultancy in London. James helps companies to plan and execute marketing strategies in-synch with the new environment.

March 2005

GBN Global Business Network

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As a worldwide membership organization and scenario and strategy consultancy, GBN engages in a collaborative exploration of the future, discovering the frontiers of knowledge and creating innovative tools for strategic action and adaptive advantage.

Agenda Inc. Live Feed

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Brand Strategy and Pop Culture.

Communities Dominate Brands

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Business and marketing challenges for the 21st century.

Common Craft

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The focus of Common Craft is Social Design for the Web- business strategies for bringing people together online.

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