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July 2005

Mattmo Concept | Design

Print, Interaction, Motion, environment and R&D Lab portfolio.

Skor (Foundation Art and Public Space)

SKOR develops art projects in relation to public space by supervising content and providing financial support.


FUSEDSPACE is an international competition for innovative applications for new technology in/as public domain.

DPPI 2005 - Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces

24-28 Oct | Eindhoven University of Technology ( TU/e )

June 2005


Home of firestarters in the genesis of authentic and radical new concepts, methods and ideas. Creating momentum for effective product and business development

Emerce - e-day

12 oktober, 9.00-17.30, Convention factory, Amsterdam

May 2005

New Media, Art, Culture, Theory - Playing FLICKR

By sending a keyword through SMS, users can request all photos on to be displayed in Restaurant 11, Amsterdam. - Flickr Peep Show

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Flickr Peep Show is an interactive SMS installation based on photos from the photosharing website