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08 March 2005

Virgin Radio - The Station - Listen via your mobile

Sydus and Virgin Radio have launched the world's first 3G radio player.

07 March 2005

The latest buzz on ringtones

22 February 2005

Music on your phone

Nokia and Motorola’s plan to make music player/phone hybrids.

09 February 2005

Get Ready To Call ITunes

Apple and Motorola to soon show us the mobile phone they are developing to play music purchased from Apple's iTunes online music store.

Netimperative - Latest Business News & Research

Provides a range of information, research and event services for businesses, consumers, observers and commentators interested in the digital market, from the Internet, to mobile, wireless, digital TV and digital entertainment/music.

02 February 2005

Napster Brings Digital Subscription Music Content to Mobile Phones in Innovative First

Biggest Brand in Digital Music Advances Again With Napster to Go/Audiovox SMT5600 Smartphone Compatibility