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July 2005

Monopoly Live

by 1 other
We have turned London into a real-life playing board, and real taxi cabs into real-life playing pieces.

ARGN - Alternate Reality Gaming Network

The largest and most complete resource available for players of online collaborative Alternate Reality Games.

May 2005

P e r p l e x C i t y

by 1 other
A series of interlinked puzzles spanning mysterious websites, cryptic phone calls, stray emails, hidden messages and live events in random cities around the world.

April 2005

'Ere Be Dragons - pocket PC game based on user's heartbeat

'Ere Be Dragons is the prototype of a new creative game for pocket PC's that takes you into a virtual world created by your own heartbeat.

February 2005

Seamful Game

The Seamful Game is a GPS and WiFi based game played in the streets using PDAs.

TOKYO EDGE : Cell phones to shake, rattle and roll

Forget the keypad. Imagine shaking your cell phone to find and dial a number or swinging it through the air to hit an electronic golf ball.

January 2005