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July 2005

Monopoly Live

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We have turned London into a real-life playing board, and real taxi cabs into real-life playing pieces.

ARGN - Alternate Reality Gaming Network

The largest and most complete resource available for players of online collaborative Alternate Reality Games.

by 6 others is an experiment in artificial intelligence.

June 2005

The Gaming Open Market

Exchange site designed specifically for trading online game currencies.

Game is virtual. Profit is real.

Web sites have sprung up that allow players to use real currency to buy things that they may want or need for the games, like weapons or real estate.

May 2005

P e r p l e x C i t y

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A series of interlinked puzzles spanning mysterious websites, cryptic phone calls, stray emails, hidden messages and live events in random cities around the world.

iMAGE zONE/citysnapper_game

A real time interactive game for the contemporary metropolitan space, using an online 3D interface with a modeling of the city, SMS server technology and digital photography.

Grant Robinson online

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Projects, blogs, photography and portfolio.

April 2005

'Ere Be Dragons - pocket PC game based on user's heartbeat

'Ere Be Dragons is the prototype of a new creative game for pocket PC's that takes you into a virtual world created by your own heartbeat.

March 2005

Mindgames: expanding and improving human potential

Developing multi-modal and innovative interfaces to content-rich virtual worlds, such as movement interfaces or biometric monitors that can measure a person’s affect or emotional state.

German Big Brother social experiment

For Germany's latest Big Brother, TV channel RTL II has gone one step further than a house and built an entire village just outside Cologne.

Water Cooler Games

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Video games with an agenda.

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Games by artists.

game girl advance

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GameGirlAdvance (GGA) is a weblog and online journal that brings alternative perspectives to videogame culture.

Networked Performance

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Locative media, augmented reality, distributed performance, environmental theatre, pervasive play, immersive gaming, telepresence.

February 2005

Sony puts pizza ordering in videogames

Type the command "/pizza" while playing Everquest II and get a pizza delivered by Pizza Hut.

Seamful Game

The Seamful Game is a GPS and WiFi based game played in the streets using PDAs.

The ESP Game: Labeling the Web

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Compete against an other player to help label all images on the web.

TOKYO EDGE : Cell phones to shake, rattle and roll

Forget the keypad. Imagine shaking your cell phone to find and dial a number or swinging it through the air to hit an electronic golf ball.

January 2005