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July 2005


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Creative consultancy and design studio

Surf the topics | CNET editors tag each published story with one or more topics. The topics assigned to the most stories are large and red, those used least are small and gray.

May 2005


The DESIGNMAI Symposium ”BLUEPRINTS OF TOMORROW” seeks to investigate what opportunities, risks and responsibilities exist for designers who seek to influence future trends.

Grant Robinson online

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Projects, blogs, photography and portfolio.

April 2005 - inspirational gathering

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A list of monthly favorite websites from a wide range of top quality design inspirational sites.

NUMBER27 / The Work of Jonathan J. Harris

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Portfolio by the creator of the 10x10 news website and Wordcount; also some cool Infographic maps depicting the state of the world,

March 2005

Shuffle Art Archives

Let's Design, Upload, Print, and sticking in your Shuffle.

micah j bauer [graphic journal]

Rule: One composition a day, each day, for 365 days. Beginning Aug 10, 2003 and ending Aug 9, 2004.

Julia Set

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Julia Set is an online weblog published by the Design and Technology Program at Parsons School of Design, NYC.

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A Guide to Design and Pop Culture in Tokyo

ID Fuel

the Industrial Design Weblog.

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English version of Eizo Okada's blog about design, fashion, architecture and art.


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Clearing new roads to cool creativity.


Blog about Architecture, Art, Computing, Ethnography, Information Design, Mobile, Urban and Wi-fi.

Frame Magazine - Frame Magazine

The International Magazine of Interior Architecture and Design

Future Feeder

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Feeding Technology, Design and architecture.

a n t e n n a

A Blog from Giant Ant about Visual Design, Interface Design and User Experience.

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The primary resource for marketing, media, new media, advertising and design.


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People & works from Nagaoka institute of design.

Color Fields Color Picker

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Find Flickr photos by choosing a color.

February 2005

plasticbag weblog

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A weblog by Tom Coates, who works for BBC Radio and Music Interactive and thinks about social software, personal publishing, graphic design, online gaming and the future of media consumption.


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Vinyl sticker for ipod Shuffle.

The artschool online

A playground to discuss ideas,work on briefs, seek advice,look for a partner to work with, and catch up with news.

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Mapping the designer genome