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July 2005

Customer Experience Strategy

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A blog about customer experience, mobile and design.

June 2005

Europe, Inc.—Re-branding Europe

Building Europe’s image could be a potentially huge step forward both in terms of changing attitudes within the EU and perceptions of it from the outside.

May 2005

April 2005

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Make a 24-second film that embodies the values and spirit of Converse. Send it in. And get a chance to be on TV with a $10, 000 prize.

March 2005

Peru's ex-President Fujimori to woo Peru with Fuji-cola

The former president's supporters want the drink to boost his profile and fund his campaign for re-election in 2006.

HAMBURGER giant McDonald’s is hoping to name-drop the Big Mac brand into hip-hop lyrics.

The fast-food chain in partnership with marketing firm Maven Strategies is offering rappers up to £2.80 every time a song mentioning its most famous product is played on the radio.

Agenda Inc. Live Feed

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Brand Strategy and Pop Culture.

The Social Customer Manifesto

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There are no spectators anymore. Participate.

Communities Dominate Brands

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Business and marketing challenges for the 21st century.

February 2005

Google Fight

'Make a fight' between two brands/people/concepts and Googlefight tells you which generates the most results.

Consumer Whore

Unlikely marketing and branding shemes.

Gizmondo to open first store on Regent Street

Opening 25 February 2005, its two floors will immerse visitors in the Gizmondo experience.

The invasion of the advertising blogs

A listing of the best advertising blogs, dedicated to advertising, PR and Branding.

Metro in love with Levi's for Valentine's Day

The newspaper’s 27 editions across Europe will give over their television listings pages to the brand on 14 February.

Brown is the new White in saucy promotion

Snooker player Jimmy White has changed his name to Jimmy Brown as part of a sponsorship stunt for HP sauce.

Headlight Vision Consultancy

Seeking the new and the next in cultural, marketing and brand activity from around the world in order to help build stronger brand connections globally and locally.


Brand Solutions blogs on Neurobranding


The world's only online exchange about branding, produced by Interbrand.

Adidas runs into trouble over pavement 'graffiti'

Sportswear brand Adidas has come under fire from London's Lambeth Council for an innovative marketing ploy that involved 'graffiti' on the pavements of Brixton.

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