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August 2005


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Technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control.

June 2005

BlogTV Home

In Italy, Nessuno TV has launched BlogTV, the first satellite TV made by vloggers. You publish the movie (max 5 minutes) on your own vlog, send it to Nessuno (means "nobody" in italian) Tv which will then broadcast it.

iMedia Connection: Tagvertising = Blogging 2.0... Already?

Blog guru Steve Rubel gives us the skinny on folksonomies and tagvertising: the new ways to reach loyal audiences.

May 2005

AutoBlogger writes for you if you want to take a vacation, or simply wish to step away from your computer for a few days

Joi Ito's Blog

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Joi Ito is VP of International and mobility for Technorati and Chairman of Six Apart Japan.

Loic Le Meur Blog

A blog from the founder & CEO of Ublog, acquired by Six Apart.

Intelliseek's BlogPulse

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Keeping track of blogs trends.

April 2005

Modern Marketing - Collaborate Marketing Services

James Cherkoff is a Director of Collaborate Marketing, an independent consultancy in London. James helps companies to plan and execute marketing strategies in-synch with the new environment.

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