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GORGEOUSNESS in all forms of design (paper, clothing, home, art, etc.), and a multitude of scrumptiousness in food, place, and more are collected and scoured and lovingly set before you here, on this pretty little site.


Shootsac Products

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want want want want want. i want one.

PadStyle | Modern Furniture Blog

i'm addicted. what a fantastic resource for unique and artistic items for the home - check it out.

mod livin' -retro and modern furniture and accessories

their beds are so fantastic (and expensive) and the home office products make my little stack-happy heart flutter.

Luxury Alpaca and Peruvian Pima Clothing for Women & Men : Peruvian Connection

a supersoft sweater from here or cozy fluffy wrap sounds amazing. okay, so i'm excited for cold weather, can you blame me? it's 82 degrees right now.

Bag Lunch

these lip balms are THE YUMMIEST, i am telling you. i swear, i have no idea how they do it, but the pancakes & syrup really does taste like pancakes & syrup. oh momma.

Sock Dreams ~ Knee Highs

for whatever reason i'm just DYING over these right now. i'm obsessed. i definitely have to get some for when it gets a little cooler.

west elm. Furniture, accessories for modern homes.

i started getting their catalogs a few years ago, and sadly haven't yet gotten anything from there into my house YET. but i love the simple lines and comforting colors. unique and modern, but not too strange to keep things from fitting comfortably into your home.

Tazi Designs : Moroccan lantern, moroccan imports, moroccan tiles, islamic carvings, mousharabih

i absolutely love everything about moroccan style - the designs, the colors, the textures... if i had extra money i'd definitely be tempted to spend a bit of online shopping time here.

Like Visual Search - Find things by Appearance with our new Likeness technology

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my sis-in-law told me about this - i have no idea how it works, but somehow it hypnotizes me.


long-lasting and clean-burning with lots of scents to choose from - what can i say, i'm a candle fanatic. my mood can totally change when a good scented candle is lit.

Bada Beans :: The Coffee Confectioner

featuring tins of flavor "pills" to drop into your coffee. oooh la la...a coffee accessory that makes my at-home stuff taste incredible? i'm all over it.

Guittard Chocolate Company

oh baby. it all looks so heavenly.

::jakc designs::

if you want to find a truly unique baby gift that is gorgeous and INSANELY CUTE, here's a great place.

Jenny Harada GOODS

i want, i want, i want the cosette weiner stuffed creature. hold me.

Mahar Drygoods :: Home Page

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you will not believe these amazing designs and very high-quality kids' toys, clothing, and more. i was blown away. definitely going to utilize this when there is a SarcomiChild someday.

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