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February 2007

Trixie & Peanut - Fleece Sleeping Bag Dog Bed

there is no way in hell that lucy and ricky would sleep together like that.

December 2006

Zucchini Pie : Joyfully Handmade : Cat Toys

oh. my. god. if i didn't have three dogs who like to seek and destroy the toys we get for the cat, i would want these RIGHT NOW. who am i kidding, i still want them.

Retro Pet Dog Collars and Leashes

i may be afraid of becoming the lady that dresses up her dogs *shudder* but i'm not afraid of these fantastically unique pet collars.

October 2006 - A Chihuahua's Portal to the Web

holy assault of cute. i just love this little guy. he fueled my obsession for chihuahuas way back when, and he still makes "ooohaaWWW" sounds come out of my mouth. put down your cup first because you will need one hand on your mouse and the other to point and say "AWW", too.

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