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March 2007

IMF - the international music feed

i find myself turning to this channel on the television sometimes during the day for background noise. well, this and the food network. of course. except when stupid alton brown is talking.

January 2007

YouTube - Imogen Heap - Just For Now (live at Studio 11 103.1FM)

argh...i forget which one of you turned me onto this imogen heap in-studio performance on YouTube...if it was you feel free to put it in the comments to remind me. but for the rest of you...if i haven't converted you yet with my incessant blathering about how much i love her...and even if i have...check this out.

August 2006

| MEW | the official site ______________________________________________________________________________

am absolutely LOVING them right now. just featured their US-released CD And the Glass Handed Kites this past week. true, their site is a bit weird, but just teke time to listen to them and you may be surprised.

April 2006


i'm really new to hayden but am so far loving the Skyscraper National Park album. mellow but an intense voice and great lyrics.

Denison Witmer

i love the lyrical quality of his voice. if you haven't heard of him click around on the discography page of his site for some ear candy. ;)

January 2006

3hive - sharing the sharing

by 12 others
why have i not spent more time here already? very nice site to sample music that's worth listening to. great way to discover new favorites.

sweet adeline | the official elliott smith site - by fans

i just love elliot smith's's so emotionally powerful and haunting.

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