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GORGEOUSNESS in all forms of design (paper, clothing, home, art, etc.), and a multitude of scrumptiousness in food, place, and more are collected and scoured and lovingly set before you here, on this pretty little site.


mod livin' -retro and modern furniture and accessories

their beds are so fantastic (and expensive) and the home office products make my little stack-happy heart flutter.

west elm. Furniture, accessories for modern homes.

i started getting their catalogs a few years ago, and sadly haven't yet gotten anything from there into my house YET. but i love the simple lines and comforting colors. unique and modern, but not too strange to keep things from fitting comfortably into your home.

Tazi Designs : Moroccan lantern, moroccan imports, moroccan tiles, islamic carvings, mousharabih

i absolutely love everything about moroccan style - the designs, the colors, the textures... if i had extra money i'd definitely be tempted to spend a bit of online shopping time here.


Taobotâ„¢ - Danny Franzreb

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flipping (well, clicking) through some random sites which led to other sites, etc., i found an interview of danny franzreb and i have only two things to say: i wish i knew how people did made things like his designs, and god if i could figure it out my head would probably explode. (scroll down a bit when you get there.)


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a great design site. i am mostly excited by the prefab fridays. i love the idea of having a home like that someday. nice resource for those who want to stay a little more informed about "green" design. not just homes, but all aspects of living. (furniture, household solutions, etc.)

Nina Schelich - Professional Costume Design & Wardrobe Stylist for Television and Film

I went to High School with Nina. I spent many weekends sleeping over and making amateur home movies with the Schelich girls. And now look - just look at the beautiful things she does. It's amazing.

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