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November 2006

Shave Your Yeti

oh dear god, people. you have to do this. do it and then watch what happens when you're done. you can thank me for wasting your valuable time later.

February 2006


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argh. frustration. items are dropped into the water and you have to balance them on the hooks. don't understand? well, try it.

David Hasselhoff Compendium

...continuing with te Hoff Hysteria. oh Hoff, how you tease us with your wily smile and chiclet teeth.

January 2006

CollegeHumor: MORE COWBELL! (The classic SNL skit)

if you haven't already caught cowbell fever you must be living in a cave. oh, will. you're fabulous. -- SNL: Lettuce

sometimes it's the little things that get you through it. a head of lettuce. um, yeah.

Vimeo / SNL - Lazy Sunday video clip

proof that the SNL pool of talent is not dead. ...mackin' on some cupcakes baby.

Throw Rocks At Boys

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oh please. you just can't get a higher level of entertainment. ;) i spent a ridiculous amount of time enjoying this.


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i have a strange feeling this will be my next great web addiction. a new way to explore the web for things that interest you. rate sites while you explore. very easy.


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in beta for now; eventually will use face detection and recognition to help research family history and heritage. upload photos to see which celebrities you most resemble. for a good laugh, upload pics of your friends and family too.

Cheap Thrills

each week, there's a new recipe in this comic strip. good, quick stuff... - Share & Research Family History, Photos, Stories, Recipes

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see if any of your relatives are never know. interesting source for family history research. - Idioms and Sayings

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ever wonder where all those cliche things like "close but no cigar", "hell in a handbasket", "no dice" and others came from? here's where to look.

Splendora Blog

fabulous fabulousness. all the time.

Jump Into the Mini

run and jump into the mini...miss and it's freaking hilarious (and you will miss, trust me). make sure to read the instructions before you begin.

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