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Art of Josh Johnson

illustrations, letterpress, watercolors and more featuring whimsical animals & magically mysterious characters



GORGEOUSNESS in all forms of design (paper, clothing, home, art, etc.), and a multitude of scrumptiousness in food, place, and more are collected and scoured and lovingly set before you here, on this pretty little site.

Tea for Me

i'm loving this sweet blog full of beautiful things. from food to interiors to photography to writing to music to all sorts of other delights, this little spot on the internet is a place you can get lost in.

Inside Out

this one's a very new discovery for me, and i like to look through the blog section especially. their description says it best: "Part literary publication, part therapeutic expression, our aim is to promote creativity for self-development through the publication of a diverse mix of artistic work, all with a focus on self-awareness and self-help. Why? Because we believe that sometimes simply owning something on the page is all it takes to move past it and move on, for both reader and creator."

Esther Havens Photography

Esther's work is beautiful and compelling. This is one thing I would absolutely love to be doing. Spend some time browsing through her'll be better for it.


Hendrik Kerstens

his images are inspired by 17th century dutch painters such as Vermeer. the light, composition, and subjects are gorgeous.

Anna Ósk Erlingsdóttir - Photography

she's SO creative and imaginative. i love her eye.

Bentley Films

oh my lord. her photography is pure art and it absolutely takes my breath away. lots of self-portraits, but like none i've ever seen. her background in film direction has given her a uniquely forward-thinking method of composing her shots.

Henri Cartier - Bresson

gorgeous, gorgeous life photos of real people. what a genius this man was.

- Amanda Woodward Illustration -

i can only daydream about being able to be this talented. you could easily spend an hour looking through her illustrations, and then clicking onto her other sites only to find out she and her husband get to make beautiful things TOGETHER. luckeee.


SuZanna Anna Gravel Art Mosaic Art Originals And DIY Kits

click on the pics to see the photo version of these cool DIY wall hangings.

Illustration, Custom Paintings, Fabric Art, Comics, Kids Book Illustrator - Lori Joy Smith, Vancouver, BC, Canada

long name, super-fantastic and fun art. i'm inspired by her work and its uplifting, innocent quality. everything is so fresh-looking and happy. she's got lots of fun things to check out and great links to other places, too.

Taobot™ - Danny Franzreb

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flipping (well, clicking) through some random sites which led to other sites, etc., i found an interview of danny franzreb and i have only two things to say: i wish i knew how people did made things like his designs, and god if i could figure it out my head would probably explode. (scroll down a bit when you get there.)

Serena . . . . The Paintings and Artwork of Serena Barton

i'm not sure what it is about her art that i find so beautiful and compelling; perhaps the old-world look. but sometimes you don't really need to have a reason.

BlueHour Blog

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there are some wonderful images here, mostly focusing on the quiet power of natural surroundings.


by 1 other
incredible use of light and what startling truth in his photos.

Remi Benali Photographer

incredible images! explore different parts of the world through his photography

Jane Fulton Alt fine art photography

what an interesting vision to her pictures. worth a look.

Loretta Lux

by 10 others
amazing. simply and incredibly beautiful. what a lovely way to capture the children that are her subjects.

Mary Ellen Mark Photographs

by 2 others
brilliant composition in each photo. lovely.

Mark Ryden

by 8 others
so many levels to his first you may be surprised by the combination of sweet and macabre/unpleasantness, but there's deepness to it. beautiful technique.

Paintings by Clifford Bailey

i love the almost caricature-esque quality of his paintings, but they also have a french vibe. very rich, full of personality, and original.

The Fine Art of Lori Earley

by 5 others
her art has a unique darkness, but an even greater beauty. it makes you want to keep looking. her technique is haunting.

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