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Art of Josh Johnson

illustrations, letterpress, watercolors and more featuring whimsical animals & magically mysterious characters



GORGEOUSNESS in all forms of design (paper, clothing, home, art, etc.), and a multitude of scrumptiousness in food, place, and more are collected and scoured and lovingly set before you here, on this pretty little site.

highlighted life | the personal tumblelog of james nord

a slice of New York life in the delicious tidbits of a man's tumblelog. one of the rare tumblelogs i actually enjoy looking through. a very new find.

Tea for Me

i'm loving this sweet blog full of beautiful things. from food to interiors to photography to writing to music to all sorts of other delights, this little spot on the internet is a place you can get lost in.

Inside Out

this one's a very new discovery for me, and i like to look through the blog section especially. their description says it best: "Part literary publication, part therapeutic expression, our aim is to promote creativity for self-development through the publication of a diverse mix of artistic work, all with a focus on self-awareness and self-help. Why? Because we believe that sometimes simply owning something on the page is all it takes to move past it and move on, for both reader and creator."

Esther Havens Photography

Esther's work is beautiful and compelling. This is one thing I would absolutely love to be doing. Spend some time browsing through her'll be better for it.

SoulPancake | Chew On Life's Big Questions

founded in part by Rainn Wilson (a.k.a. Dwight from The Office), this site challenges us to participate in open, non-judgmental discussion about religion in order to get us back to actively thinking in today's world about what our spirituality means to us.


Hendrik Kerstens

his images are inspired by 17th century dutch painters such as Vermeer. the light, composition, and subjects are gorgeous.

Anna Ósk Erlingsdóttir - Photography

she's SO creative and imaginative. i love her eye.

Shootsac Products

by 1 other
want want want want want. i want one.

Bentley Films

oh my lord. her photography is pure art and it absolutely takes my breath away. lots of self-portraits, but like none i've ever seen. her background in film direction has given her a uniquely forward-thinking method of composing her shots.

PadStyle | Modern Furniture Blog

i'm addicted. what a fantastic resource for unique and artistic items for the home - check it out.

mod livin' -retro and modern furniture and accessories

their beds are so fantastic (and expensive) and the home office products make my little stack-happy heart flutter.

Luxury Alpaca and Peruvian Pima Clothing for Women & Men : Peruvian Connection

a supersoft sweater from here or cozy fluffy wrap sounds amazing. okay, so i'm excited for cold weather, can you blame me? it's 82 degrees right now.

Bag Lunch

these lip balms are THE YUMMIEST, i am telling you. i swear, i have no idea how they do it, but the pancakes & syrup really does taste like pancakes & syrup. oh momma.

Henri Cartier - Bresson

gorgeous, gorgeous life photos of real people. what a genius this man was.

Sock Dreams ~ Knee Highs

for whatever reason i'm just DYING over these right now. i'm obsessed. i definitely have to get some for when it gets a little cooler.

IMF - the international music feed

i find myself turning to this channel on the television sometimes during the day for background noise. well, this and the food network. of course. except when stupid alton brown is talking.

Trixie & Peanut - Fleece Sleeping Bag Dog Bed

there is no way in hell that lucy and ricky would sleep together like that.

west elm. Furniture, accessories for modern homes.

i started getting their catalogs a few years ago, and sadly haven't yet gotten anything from there into my house YET. but i love the simple lines and comforting colors. unique and modern, but not too strange to keep things from fitting comfortably into your home.

Tazi Designs : Moroccan lantern, moroccan imports, moroccan tiles, islamic carvings, mousharabih

i absolutely love everything about moroccan style - the designs, the colors, the textures... if i had extra money i'd definitely be tempted to spend a bit of online shopping time here.

- Amanda Woodward Illustration -

i can only daydream about being able to be this talented. you could easily spend an hour looking through her illustrations, and then clicking onto her other sites only to find out she and her husband get to make beautiful things TOGETHER. luckeee.

Travel Destinations Lonely Planet | Lonely Planet Travel Guide

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even if you don't have money to travel right now (or can't see the end of having no money to travel, like myself), you can still explore parts of the world and learn some really interesting things on this easy-to-navigate site with loads of information for travelers.

YouTube - Imogen Heap - Just For Now (live at Studio 11 103.1FM)

argh...i forget which one of you turned me onto this imogen heap in-studio performance on YouTube...if it was you feel free to put it in the comments to remind me. but for the rest of you...if i haven't converted you yet with my incessant blathering about how much i love her...and even if i have...check this out.

Dunderball: An Office Fansite | Fansite for The Office: Quotes, news, forums, audio clips and links for NBC's half-hour TV comedy

what can i say...i'm a huge freak about this show. it kills me. if you like it too, check out this site for quotes each week.

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