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September 2005

Is it bulletproof?

You have found a wonderful WebPage that only a crazy American could bring you. Here on this WebPage you will find the answer to the question that has plagued mankind for hundreds of years. Is it bulletproof? This WebPage is dedicated to answering thi

Dictionnaire Sceptique - Index

Le Dictionnaire sceptique vous présente, par ordre alphabétique, des informations sur une foule de sujets d'intérêt sceptique. Ce dictionnaire est une traduction française du Skeptic's Dictionary de Robert T. Carroll. L'icône « »


using laboratory grown human tissue as a material for design

The Faces in Front of the Monitors -

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Pictures of people who have made a mark in any of the following: programmable computer systems, computer networks, the Internet or the security involved with those systems.

The Generator Blog

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-- a log of online widget thingies to generate everything from barcodes to hobbit names


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Read people's sordid/pathetic confessions on postcards.

Mark Light - The Zen Garden

A wonderful flash animation allowing one to have it's very own zen garden

kevan dot org

Personal site of Kevan, filled with weird things, from nomic in blog to extispicious

June 2005

Brick lovin freaky boy

A picture gallery of a legomaniac

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