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23 September 2005 10:30


This is a site where people upload snippets of code for others to be able to reuse. popular sites

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XPlanner Home

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XPlanner is a project planning and tracking tool for eXtreme Programming (XP) teams.

Post-It Theater

Welcome to the Post-It Theater. The finest source for flip-book entertainment in the world. These movies are all hand-drawn on Post-it® brand notes and scanned. No computer simulated the action. Be sure to check in every week for a new feature, and don

Colour tools | clagnut/blog

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An informative list of colour tools

software:mailfeed [wonkowiki]

by 7 others
MailFeed is a PHP script that checks a POP3, IMAP, or NNTP mailbox on demand and returns an RSS feed containing the messages in the mailbox (including message bodies, if desired). I wrote MailFeed after realizing that it would be convenient to read my Experiments in Web Programming

by 19 others, 1 comment features technical articles, tutorials and examples of programming for the web. It's not intended as a "cut and paste" site but rather a learning resource.

Blog Software Breakdown

by 23 others
This chart displays attributes of different user-installed blog software packages side-by-side for comparison.

HTML Help by The Web Design Group

by 6 others
Lots of reference and tutorials on HTML, CSS, etc.

HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, Articles and News - HTML Dog

by 53 others
Web designer's resource for everything HTML and CSS, the most common technologies used in making web pages.

Eyetrack III - What You Most Need to Know

by 10 others
News websites have been with us for about a decade, and editors and designers still struggle with many unanswered questions: Is homepage layout effective? ... What effect do blurbs on the homepage have compared to headlines? ... When is multimedia appropr

XFN - XHTML Friends Network

by 5 others
XFN™ (XHTML Friends Network) is a simple way to represent human relationships using hyperlinks

web BM's

BM's ( Bookmarklets ) are little Pieces of Code. The Titles contain that Code as Link. So you can drag and drop them to your personal toolbar and use them on a other site by clicking them. For Opera Users there are also Opera Buttons. The Code Link shows


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Site sur le haiku

Usable Web

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Remarkable list of web design links - bonnes pratiques qualit� en discussion

by 15 others
Tout une liste de bonnes pratiques à appliquer au développement d'un site web (avec différents niveaux de qualité).

Opera Index

To assist Opera users in applying their own user stylesheets, I've collected the CSS Core Styles here. Please note that these CSS files should only be used with the Opera Browser. Some rules included will crash Netscape.

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