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23 September 2005 10:30

web BM's

BM's ( Bookmarklets ) are little Pieces of Code. The Titles contain that Code as Link. So you can drag and drop them to your personal toolbar and use them on a other site by clicking them. For Opera Users there are also Opera Buttons. The Code Link shows

Opera Index

To assist Opera users in applying their own user stylesheets, I've collected the CSS Core Styles here. Please note that these CSS files should only be used with the Opera Browser. Some rules included will crash Netscape.

23 September 2005 10:15


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This page collects experiments with Cascading Style Sheets

How To Make A Portable Opera

It's possible to make a portable version of Opera that can run directly from removable media such as a CD or a USB drive (a keychain (or "thumb") flash drive, or a digital camera). Applications could include web site demonstrations, slide show presentatio