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May 2006

Diffusion des savoirs de l'École normale supérieure

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Pour tous ceux qui voudraient accéder au top de l'éducation en France sans bouger de chez eux .. via JB

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September 2005

A Programmer's Guide to the Mind

This book is a Programmer’s Guide to the Mind. In it, we will attempt to do two things: We will try to explain how the mind works, and we will also show how a person can make it operate more effectively. If we compare the task of developing the mind


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chaotic attractors pictures

Godel and Godel's Theorem: Math

In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, one of the big mathematical goals was to reduce all of number theory to a formal axiomatic system. Like Euclid's Geometry, such a system would start off with a few simple axioms that are almost indisputable

The Programmers Stone

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The purpose of this site is to recapture, explore and celebrate the Art of Computer Programming. By so doing we hope to help the reader either become a better programmer, understand what less experienced programmers are struggling with, or communicate mor

Understanding the Psychology of Programming

Contrary to popular belief, programmers more frequently resemble artists than scientists. If you want to maximize the creative potential on your development team, you've got to start thinking about the psychology of the programmer and be willing to back i

Automates Intelligents : Index

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Site d'un web jourlan d'intelligence sous toute ses formes

J�r�me Lacaille

Page web de Jérôme Lacaille, enseignant chercheur en IA et réseaux de neurones

Artificial life is the science of creating lifelike behaviour in man-made systems that consist of populations of autonomous entities whose local interactions can be specified by simple rules. Emergent behaviours may become apparent in such populations as - Robot news and Robotics Info

News site on relating to robotics. Great place to find a lot of interesting information on teh subject.