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January 2006

November 2005

G-Share - Home

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Un blog sur tous les outils de partage de fichiers

September 2005

The Poisoned Project - About

Poisoned is a peer-to-peer client for the FastTrack network (Kazaa, Grokster, iMesh), the Gnutella network (Limewire, Acquisition), and OpenFT

XFactor - Truly innovative mac p2p.

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Access 3 major p2p networks (Kazaa, Gnutella, OpenFT) seamlessly using giFT. (cross platform modular network daemon)

MLdonkey World

features: 100% OpenSource, GPL license runs on Linux, Unix, MacOSX, MorphOS and Windows Core and Guis are separated or linked. written in ObjectiveCaml, with some C and even some Assembler parts. OtherNetworksSupported, using separate executables bu

Coral: The NYU Distribution Network

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Are you tired of clicking on some link from a web portal, only to find that the website is temporarily off-line because thousands or millions of other users are also trying to access it? Does your network have a really low-bandwidth connection, such that

Videora - BitTorrent RSS Reader

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Videora 1.0 is the first version of our new personal video downloading program.

iFolder - It's all about Sharing

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iFolder is a file sharing application for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Kameleon P2P : Projet de peer to peer anonyme et sécurisé

Bienvenue sur le site du projet Kameleon. Projet qui deviendra un logiciel de partage peer 2 peer décentralisé disposant de deux modes de communication : anonyme ou sécurisé.

MUTE: Simple, Anonymous File Sharing

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MUTE File Sharing is a new peer-to-peer network that provides easy search-and-download functionality while also protecting your privacy. MUTE File Sharing compiles as a fast, native application for many platforms (no Java, no Python, etc.).


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Peer2Mail is the first software that let you store and share files on your web-mail account.

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