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23 September 2005 10:30

web BM's

BM's ( Bookmarklets ) are little Pieces of Code. The Titles contain that Code as Link. So you can drag and drop them to your personal toolbar and use them on a other site by clicking them. For Opera Users there are also Opera Buttons. The Code Link shows

23 September 2005 10:15

How To Make A Portable Opera

It's possible to make a portable version of Opera that can run directly from removable media such as a CD or a USB drive (a keychain (or "thumb") flash drive, or a digital camera). Applications could include web site demonstrations, slide show presentatio

Opera's search.ini illustrated

How to change the default search queries in Opera by editing search.ini and buttons.ini, more specifically dedicated to Opera 6, but usable for Opera 7

Opera Wiki :: The Opera 7 Web Browser

Welcome to the Opera 7 Wiki! These pages collect a range of information relating to tips, customisation, and technical details in the new version of Opera. Because this is a wiki, these pages are open to all who want to add information they consider impor

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