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March 2006

TeleTeaching @ University of Trier - TeleTeachingTool

The TeleTeachingTool is a piece of software to record, transmit and replay of multimedia-based lectures, speeches and documentations.

TightProjector Software

TightProjector is a software that can transmit the screen of a partucular computer to other computers in the same local-area network. The data is transmitted continuously, in real time. Usage examples: broadcasting a presentation to multiple network

February 2006

January 2006

BORGChat Homesite

UDP serverless chat software !

September 2005

Flame: cast light on your network

Just start Flame to see all the computers on the network that are advertising services. (If it can, it'll identify the user of each computer instead of giving you the machine's name.) Disclose the services available from each. You can even delve right int

HTTP Sniffer HTTPLook - Home

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HTTPLook is a http sniffer, which gives a complete picture of any site at work. HTTPLook can restore the data transmitted between the local computer and the server and show the control footing and contents of the captured resources.

Mac GNU Privacy Guard

Mac GNU Privacy Guard (ou Mac GPG, pour les intimes) est un port de GnuPG sur Mac OS X, sous licence d'utilisation GNU GPL. Le but de ce projet est de développer une version de GnuPG qui soit facile à installer, qui puisse être incorporée faci

The Poisoned Project - About

Poisoned is a peer-to-peer client for the FastTrack network (Kazaa, Grokster, iMesh), the Gnutella network (Limewire, Acquisition), and OpenFT


The Authoxy-Panther Project is an open source proxy authentication tool for Mac OS X. It was written by HRSoftWorks and has now been released under the GNU Public License (GPL).

Objectpark's Ginko - Mail and News for Mac OS X

Ginko is the name of an email client with some unique features. Unlike other such communication tools it provides a very lean and simple user-interface, true message threading (no more answers before the corresponding question) and much more. Currently it

XFactor - Truly innovative mac p2p.

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Access 3 major p2p networks (Kazaa, Gnutella, OpenFT) seamlessly using giFT. (cross platform modular network daemon)

MLdonkey World

features: 100% OpenSource, GPL license runs on Linux, Unix, MacOSX, MorphOS and Windows Core and Guis are separated or linked. written in ObjectiveCaml, with some C and even some Assembler parts. OtherNetworksSupported, using separate executables bu

collaboration-world >

The complete and fast mail application for GNUstep and Mac OS X. :: Balzac - easier email

Balzac is a new email application for OS X 10.3, which aims to provide a simple view on your mail whilst allowing fast, sophisticated searches of past correspondence.

ANT | Not TV

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ANT is an RSS video aggregator and media player currently available for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther. With ANT, you can subscribe to any RSS 2.0 feed with enclosures. ANT will automatically download fresh audio and video content for you to watch and listen to


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iStumbler is a free, open source tool for finding AirPort networks, Bluetooth devices and now mDNS services with your Mac. iStumbler combines a compact user interface with a real time display of signal strength and complete debugging information.

Cocoalicious: A Cocoa Client for Mac OS X

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A little rough around the edges (unsurprising, given its age), but extremely promising.

Morpheus Software - Gamer's Internet Tunnel

Gamer's Internet Tunnel (GIT) is a free utility to link LANs together over the Internet for network gameplay. It can also be used to bridge many configurations of IPX or IPv4 packets and frames from once point to another. Formerlly known as the Gamer's I

Ranchero Software: Huevos 1.1

Huevos is a customizable search engine helper for Mac OS X. It’s easy to use: type in some text to search for, choose a search engine, then hit the Return key.

SiteSucker Home Page

Small application that can download an entire Web site for offline browsing.


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Get familiar with a web site quickly and easily. With the SiteOrbiter web cartography tool, you can gain insight into the structural components of a web site with a few clicks of the mouse.

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