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May 2006

StrutsArticles - Struts Wiki

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une liste d'article approfondissant les points gênants de Struts

April 2006

March 2006

TeleTeaching @ University of Trier - TeleTeachingTool

The TeleTeachingTool is a piece of software to record, transmit and replay of multimedia-based lectures, speeches and documentations.

February 2006

October 2005


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The AJAX Tag Library is a set of JSP tags that simplify the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) technology in JavaServer Pages.

September 2005

Robocode Central

A programmer's game using little tanks


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An open source cross-platform diary manager and the tool for scheduling personal projects.


djUnit plugin is JUnit TestRunner with the original classloader. djUnit ClassLoader modifies class in loading to JVM, and runs tests using the modified class. The following functions can now be used easily. Generates a coverage report Testing usi

Chaplin Corp

We have now decided to dedicate our work to 'Artificial Life'. We already have a prototype in the works which we will keep you updated by posting news on the site at least two or three times a month. But, we do have a problem which will require your help.

Neural Java est une série d'exercices et de démonstrations. Chaque exercice consiste en une courte introduction, un petit programme de démonstration écrit en Java (Applet Java), et une série de questions qui sont une invitation à jouer a


freeware and shareware uml tool


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Violet, an open-source, cross-platform UML editor.

The Computer Language Shootout Benchmarks

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Updated version of Doug Bagley's original Great Computer Language Shootout

Hello, World Page!

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Welcome to the ACM "Hello World" project. Everyone has seen the Hello World program used as a first exposure to a new language or environment. We are attempting to collect examples for as many languages and related programming environments (shells etc.) a


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Portal about Java with reviews