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September 2005 Project Info - ChangeDesktop

ChangeDesktop is an application that will change your Desktop picture at random from any number of folders you choose. It is written in Cocoa, completely free and the source code is available.

DeskEffects 1.5.4 - VersionTracker

DeskEffects is a preference pane that offers users access to foreground and background desktop screen effects and offers complete priority control. Also features an option to start your favorite desktop screen effects at login.

About DragThing

The main purpose of DragThing is to make items on your Mac such as files, folders, applications, disks, URLs, clippings, and even windows, quickly and easily accessible, while taking up as little space on your screen as possible.

Panic - Stattoo - Info that blends in with your Mac OS X Desktop!

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This is rather gorgeous, though a bit limited to certain applications (Mail, iCal and so forth)

Panda Systems: PandoCalendar

This useful Mac-only program places a fully functional calendar on your desktop. The look is completely customizable. You can change the calendar's font, size, and the colors used to draw the calendar; the background can be entirely transparent, so you c

Gary C Martin MacOS X development

home of EarthGlobe (displays earth on the desktop) and MoonDock (displays moon phases on the desktop)

La Chose Interactive

Doodim permits one to dim the background of the foremost application thereby enhancing its visibility. You can switch it on or off very quickly from the menu bar, and set the level of dimness.


Some wallpapers and desktops, that are really beautiful, but maybe a little too much sexy ...

Mini-Moa Design

Very nice site including awesome desks for Mac (I think)

WinTiles Plus - Automated Desktop Organizer

Organize your desktop windows, automatically! Automate the arrangement of your desktop windows in a variety of layouts. See how WinTiles can help you with instant messaging, web browsing, MP3 listening, video editing word processing and more

Desktop Toys

Your desktop becomes your playground with Desktop Toys. Set your e-mail on fire, doodle on your documents, fly over your spreadsheets, shoot up your icons. But don't owrry, the desktop distortion is only temporary; press a key and it's all cleaned up. Nin

graffiti desktop

Your desktop becomes your playground with Desktop Toys. Set your e-mail on fire, doodle on your documents, fly over your spreadsheets, shoot up your icons. But don't owrry, the desktop distortion is only temporary; press a key and it's all cleaned up. Nin : Accueil - Captures d'écran de bureaux libres - Screenshots linux et autres logiciels libres

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You can find on this site the most complete database of Free Desktop Screenshots, including Linux and most of the Free and Open Source applications. This site is also free : it's non-lucrative and has one only goal : Show what a Free Desktop can look l

xpde :: desktop environment

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It's a complete desktop environment for Linux on x86. It tries to make easier for Windows XP users to use a Linux box. Nothing more, no clipboard compatibility between Gtk and Qt applications, no emulation of Windows applications, no unification on the wi

About Desktop Manager

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virtual desktop manager for OS X

Mac OS X

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FreeSnap is a powerful, easy to use and free screen capture utility. Needless to say, if Grab or Shift-Cmd-3 or 4 works fine for you, you don't need FreeSnap. For those who do, FreeSnap features unique, advanced and powerful tools for taking screen captur

RK Launcher

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RK mac os x dock for windows


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Virtue is a virtual desktop manager for Mac OS 10.3 developed as a so called pet project of mine. Over time Virtue developed (and keeps developing) into a full featured virtual desktop manager able to compete with commercial variants of its kind. DesktopM


ThemeChanger switches your theme in MacOS X. It supports the .theme and .dlta formats, and generates an aqua backup automatically. You can also restore the aqua backup via single-user mode, if an installed theme damages your system.

May 2005 Project Info - Vital desktop

Vital Desktop is a desktop animation utility, a program designed to bring a fresh new look to your desktop. Never again will you be faced with the same static background every time. Now, your desktop actually comes alive!

Vitrite - Useless window transparency since 2002

Vitrite is a tiny utility written by me, Ryan VanMiddlesworth, that allows you to manually adjust the level of transparency for almost any visible window. It works by utilizing a feature present in Windows 2000/XP (and all later incarnations) for variable Project Info - Elephant Memory

System tray-based event reminder, with configuration panel. Create quick and simple events and when the time comes, a reminder window will pop-up, giving you the ability to snooze or delete the event.

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