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W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

by 83 others
At W3Schools you will find all the Web-building tutorials you need, from basic HTML and XHTML to advanced XML, XSL, Multimedia and WAP. Experiments in Web Programming

by 19 others, 1 comment features technical articles, tutorials and examples of programming for the web. It's not intended as a "cut and paste" site but rather a learning resource.

HTML Help by The Web Design Group

by 6 others
Lots of reference and tutorials on HTML, CSS, etc.

HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, Articles and News - HTML Dog

by 53 others
Web designer's resource for everything HTML and CSS, the most common technologies used in making web pages.

Opera Index

To assist Opera users in applying their own user stylesheets, I've collected the CSS Core Styles here. Please note that these CSS files should only be used with the Opera Browser. Some rules included will crash Netscape.

Information on Border Slants

by 12 others
It's a hack. A trick. It is a way to make pure HTML and CSS draw something that is neither vertical nor horizontal. And it uses borders.

by 2 others
Web site including a reference card for browser support of CSS

CSS Vault � The Web's CSS Site

by 5 others
A collection of CSS resources and CSS sites that help to inspire and teach every designer.

Blog Alsacr�ations : XHTML, CSS et Standards web

by 16 others
Tutoriels CSS, news (blog) et exemples de fil RSS et Atom

/* Position Is Everything */ �� Modern browser bugs explained in detail!

by 40 others
We're Big John and Holly Bergevin, and together we built this site to explain some obtuse CSS bugs in modern browsers, provide demo examples of interesting CSS behaviors, and show how to 'make it work' without using tables for layout purposes.

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