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28 February 2007 18:30

The Nuclear Golfball - Google Video

The best golf balls in the history of golf balls. Nuclear Golf Balls Inc. would like to welcome North Korea into the nuclear club and would like to recognize Iran as a potential front runner for the next spot.

28 February 2007 18:15

"My Funny Video" Golf With Snowballs - Google Video

My Funny Video What do you do when it snows in Minnesota? Go play golf and make ... all ยป a funny video. Some slightly off kilter guy whacks around a few snowballs with a golf club in a funny video. USA Minnesota Golfing Funny Video "My Funny Video" Originally posted at Nuciferous Video Blogging

28 February 2007 06:45

Rick Billsons Really Crappy Page of Links

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It's just what it says, A crappy looking page with a bunch of links on it. Although they are good links

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