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August 2008

Jay Fields' Thoughts

experiences in software development, and testing in particular

November 2006

Unit Test Patterns

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The idea of unit testing seems to always evoke a strong reaction in people. For those that buy into the concept, they have unanimously stated that good unit tests are difficult to write, and some question whether the tests they have written were really worth it while others rave about their effectiveness. On the other hand, there is also a large community that guffaws at the idea of unit testing, especially the concept that "the code is good when it passes the unit tests". When all the hoopla dies down, unit testing may one day be relegated to the dusty shelf of "yet another programmer tool". If this fate is to be changed, unit testing has to be embraced by both the community and the tool developers. The next version of Microsoft's Visual Studio will include tools to automate refactoring. It seems obvious to me that tools that automate unit test generation would not only address some of the issues concerning maintenance and cost, but would also introduce the concept to a much wider audience.

October 2006

JFunc: JUnit Functional Testing Extension

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Functional testing, or integration testing, is testing concerned with the entire system, not just small pieces (or units) of code. For those interesting in unit testing, JUnit is currently the premiere unit testing framework for Java software.

September 2006

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