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May 2007


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distributed command execution allows to execute the same command on many hosts

December 2006


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YaKa is a complete environnement which purpose is to provide an efficient method to deploy operating systems on a wide heterogeneous number of computers. Deploying operating systems sitewide will require the following steps: * Describe the different computers composing the site using the Yaka language: the hosts, the system(s) needed for each host, the dependencies between client and server. * Add the specific features of each hosts (Linux kernel's .config Linux kernel, tools not provided by the YaKa Linux distributions, Microsft Windows or other images, etc.), * Run the YaKa command line in order to generate the, * Use the generated script to start the YaKa systems, * reboot each DHCP enabled hosts, * Take a coffee break while Yaka's working for you,

October 2006

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