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Napkin Look & Feel

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This look&feel for java makes a swing application looks like it was scrawled on a napkin. Very useful for mockup. Because it looks like a sketch, people don't pay too much attention to details in the appearance.


Trail Ridge Consulting, Organizational Agility Experts | Surveys

we are seeing a rise in the number of large enterprises adopting agile methods; we are seeing a rise in the creation of new (and perhaps more prescriptive) agile process definitions; and finally we are seeing a rise in the number of function rich agile project management tools in the open source, mid-market, and enterprise market to support agile organizations.

Rally Software Development

Agile Project Management, Requirements Management, Test and Defect Tracking Software Tools and Coaching for Development Agile Teams

InfoQ: Tracking change and innovation in the enterprise software development community

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A selection of articles in the entreprise software factory. Reminds of TheServerSide in the early days.

IceScrum - Scrum project management

Software to manage SCRUM projects (user stories management, burndown charts drawing, etc)

James Shore: Successful Software

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Microsoft has completely missed the point of TDD. They got it wrong. Do not follow their guidelines: they will decrease productivity. You'll find that the process they've described doesn't work. If you stick with it, you'll find yourself writing increasingly bad code to work around its problems.

jAPS Portal

Java agile portal system

Agile Modeling (AM)

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Effective Practices for Modeling and Documentation

It's Not Just Standing Up

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Very good article by Martin Fowler on what XP is.


Agile Project Management & Bug Tracking Software Features are good, but the interface isn't great: keyboard only navigation isn't possible, fields are not prefilled correctly, interface isn't intuitive

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