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December 2007

Write about what people are searching for

A free service that reveals in real time which keywords people use to find your website. When acted on, they can increase the natural search traffic to your website. It reveals in real-time the least utilized, most promising keywords hidden in the Long Tail of your natural search results.

November 2007

Let s keep each other updated on news we find interesting

I like it! is a quot;social content network quot;. It s a place where people submit, share, vote and promote stories about a particular topic, project, community, etc. I recently joined I like it!, a website where we all can build a collection of interesting stories we find on the web related. That way, we all can learn, share, comment, and even rank whatever we all add to the site. Because I value your opinion, I would like to invite you to join I like it! and be one of my quot;friends quot;. Go ahead! I like it! is free and signing up takes only a minute. So join I like it! and become one of my friends.

Tools for Bloggers!: Free submission to 15 search engines

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Yes, you read that right! You can submit your blog/site to all the major search engines free of cost. No need to hire anybody to do it. Will not cost you a single dime. So, how do you do it? Just follow the steps given and you are on your way to free organic traffic.

Jokes: The coverup

That was an innovative and imaginative fella.

October 2007

Jokes: Frank Caliendo impersonates Seinfeld cast

Frank Caliendo impersonates every character from Seinfeld in this video.

Jokes: An engineer in hell

This shows that engineers are remarkable fellas (no I m not an engineer).

Jokes: A cardiologist s funeral

Yes! Those two funerals would have been worth attending. And how would people keep laughters from bursting out?

Jokes: 23 lightbulb jokes

23 real funny light bulb jokes.

April 2007

Pissed off passengers!

Kids are kids! No matter how much you try to make them act like grown-ups ultimately the child in them does show through.

Tools for Bloggers!: Who's Online?

Free on-line service; shows how many users are currently reading your pages and shows their location on a Google map.

March 2007

Tools for Bloggers!: One button 29 bookmarking sites!

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A free service which provides a button for your blogs. Upon pressing the button visitor can bookmark your posts to any of the supported 29 bookmarking services. A nice tool for driving traffic to your blogs.

Tools for Bloggers!: Free screen capturing software for your blog postings!

Its free, its very useful and effective, and its only 600 KB. Why waste money on commercial versions. A must have for serious bloggers who review web-sites or softwares, etc.

Tools for Bloggers!: Post to your blog from within Firefox!

A great (and free) add-on for Firefox. It allows bloggers to compose and publish their posts to their online posts. It automatically logs-in and publishes to the blogs you configures. A must have for bloggers.

Tools for Bloggers!: How popular is the topic you are writing about?

Want to know the popularity ratings about the topic you are (or already has) about to write in your blog? Well here is a free tool to help you find out! Read the article, goto the on-line tool's page, type-in the keyword and find out for yourself! Happy blogging!

Six free indispensible tools for webmasters!

Free on-line webmaster tools to help make their websites get better ranking in search engines!

StumbleUpon toolbar version 3.04 released!

Latest version of StumbleUpon (a social bookmarking site) toolbar has been released. If you are a subscriber of toolbar then update it.

What Is Hell?

A scientifically based funny description of hell!

Born or downloaded!

Question of a confused cyber-age kid?

Free web page password revealing utility!

A useful utility for special occasions!