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25 March 2010 12:15


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The Puzzle library is designed to quickly find visually similar images (gif, png, jpg), even if they have been resized, recompressed, recolored or slightly modified. The library is free, lightweight yet very fast, configurable, easy to use and it has been designed with security in mind.

04 March 2009 08:30

19 January 2009 10:00

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07 December 2008 14:00

12 March 2008 09:15

bulk-loader - Google Code

BulkLoader is a minimal library written in Actionscript 3 (AS3) that aims to make loading and managing complex loading requirements easier and faster. BulkLoader takes a more dynamic, less architecture heavy aproach. Few imports and making heavy use of AS3's dynamic capabilities, BulkLoader has a one-liner feel that doesn't get your way.

05 March 2008 08:45

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