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31 December 1969 19:00

Cook's Thesaurus

by 6 others
Complete list of all ingredients with photos and uses.

Google Earth

by 39 others
homepage of Google Earth

Maps from National Geographics

by 4 others
Maps and Satelltie Imagery with overlay of facts, statistics, natural disasters, etc…neat, but very buggy and several areas of innacurate data


by 8 others
nice mashup of Microsoft Virtual Earth. full screen and a lot more user friendly.

NASA World Wind

by 32 others
similar to Google Earth. with added real-time weather plug-ins and 'blue marble' overlay for true seasonal colors, but not as many good high-rez satellite imagery as Google Earth.

Google Maps Mania

by 43 others
blog that showcases all latest overlays for Google Maps/Google Earth

Yahoo! Maps

by 4 others
Map Search, Directions, Traffic Data, similar to Google Maps.

Google Earth Cool Places

by 1 other
Blog of coolest places found on Google Earth


by 88 others
Worldwide Encyclopedia

Encyclopædia Britannica Online

by 24 others
Some articles are only for subscribers, but still a lot of good free information.

Canada - Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry for Canada

International Disaster Charter

News and Info on latest world disasters, with many satellite imagery and photo of the disaster.

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