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31 December 1969 19:00

Pandora : Discover Music

by 192 others
Finetune radio to what you like; best used with OpenPandora program

Microsoft Research DRM talk

Great article debunking all aspects of DRM technology

SnipeR's Redemption Network

Home of TinyXP and Retestrak XP

Mozilla Corporation

by 39 others
Official Home of Firefox and Thunderbird


by 85 others
Your Source for Daily Mozilla News and Advocacy

The Burning Edge

by 4 others
Firefox nightly builds

The Rumbling Edge

by 3 others
Mozilla Thunderbird weekly builds

The Extensions Mirror

by 3 others
Firefox extensions - unofficial

Best Extensions for Firefox & Thunderbird

Mr.Tech's list of Best Firefox and Thunderbird extensions

Mozilla Firefox Your Way!

by 23 others
How to customize Firefox, list of best extensions, etc...


how to access service mode in MP360 and clear EEPROM


by 56 others
media player based on Firefox engine. still very alpha-ish, and media monkey is a lot better. has good future potential though.

Win 2003 Optimize Tool

Great utility to help in converting Server 2003 to Workstation

by 5 others
Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall

DLL unregistration

Detailed list of how to unregister tons of useless XP and 3rd party DLLs from your Windows Installation.

nLite OS

by 5 others
Allows you to make your own customized XP installation CD with latest patches, presets, and tons of software pre-loaded.

by 94 others, 1 comment
tons of free software that can be run off USB drives for ultimate portability

AnandTech: Intel Core vs AMD K8

great article on comparison of architecture in the chips

Problematic extensions - MozillaZine

by 8 others
List of problematic firefox extensions


by 17 others
Backup tool for Firefox and Thunderbird