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Yondr Studio

Nathan Yoder is an illustrator and designer from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Currently located in Orange County, California, he specializes in pen and ink illustration as well as hand lettering and branding.


Mike Mc Quade

Chicago-based design studio of Mike McQuade. A multidisciplinary studio focused on creating strong identities, websites, illustrations, type and artwork for a range of clients and self-initiated projects.


Victo Ngai

Victo was born and raised in Hong Kong and her real name is Ngai Chuen Ching. Since this was too difficult to pronounce by her western teachers, they started calling her Victoria, which was soon shortened to Victo.


Shan Jiang

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Shan Jiang, un illustrateur qui travaille pour l’agence Ilovedust Ltd. depuis 2005

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