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November 2005

Fetching, Re-mixing and Displaying Multiple RSS Feeds in Wordpress

Five different plugins for displaying RSS feeds in your Wordpress blog.

October 2005

WordPress Theme Viewer

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Really nice themes, include some really nice themes that aren't included in usual theme viewers.

September 2005

Stepping Into Templates

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The building blocks of a Wordpress theme -- the page structure, the template foundation, the template includes, and template file tips.

Upgrade 1.2 to 1.5 « WordPress Codex

I'm upgrading all my old Wordpress 1.2 styles into themes. I liked the old styles so much better and easier to style for than the damned themes, although I like the versatility of Wordpress 1.5 a lot. This bit on the codex helped out a lot.

May 2005

Version 1.6 « WordPress Codex

What's in store for Wordpress 1.6

Photo Matt » Google's RSS Ads

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It doesn't make much sence, but I'm tracking this article to get the full story.

March 2005

Passioni della Vita � The RustAsides WP 1.5 Plugin

Another view on asides for wordpress. WordPress Theme Browser

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An awesome tool for viewing WP1.5 themes. Great job Alex!

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"This is a PHP script that will grab the RSS from and add/update the entries in your WordPress blog."

February 2005

Red Alt - WordPress Index Builder

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Great for building wordpress themes!

WordPress Wiki - Multi Blog

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"Multi Blog is refered to as the ability to create, run and maintain multiple blogs from a single installation of the [wordpress] software."

January 2005


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More wordpress themes

WordPress CSS Guides

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A clarification of making Wordpress Style Sheets

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