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March 2005


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another way of tracking your blog clicks and links. for sale

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a minimalist weblog software.

February 2005

January 2005

Anil Dash: A Theory

"I don't think anyone has ever been fired for blogging." [via Hotlinks]

The Internet Stock Blog: Yahoo to acquire Six Apart?

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Very unlikely. Although, I didn't believe they'd buy Livejournal either...

December 2004

Comment Spammers Have Blogs of Their Own

An article on why spammers spam blogs (and some even blog about it!) [via BlogHerald]

2004 Weblog Awards

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Best of '04 Blogs [via BlogHerald]

Thingamablog Screenshots

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A most impressive open source blogging software.

How To Blog For Fun & Profit! :: How To Blog 101

"How To Blog" In five posts is a very interesting, informative article about how to start your own blogging adventure. [via TheBlogHerald]

Blog declared Word of the Year, definition of blog derided as garbage

"Blog" is the word of the year. Debate still hot about difference between "blog" and "online journal". Personally, it doesn't really matter to me.

November 2004

WORDSMITH - a tool for passionate bloggers

"[...]able to post, link to your pals, allow people to post comments & trackback you, give you a neat blogrolling tool, let you see who's visiting you, etc." [via Sourceforge]

Building blog traffic for newbies

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The Blog Herald posts a few tips for blogging newbies on how to build more traffic.

LS Blogs- Blog Directory - Home - Blogging Related Submit or find blogs and blog-sites.

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Blog Directory - Home - Blogging Related Submit or find blogs and blog-sites.

Prevent Link Rot in your Published Work: Page 1 of 2

I have the same problem. Should I go back and change the blog entries with linkrot or just leave them to wither up?

Betting on Tools that Power Blogs

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Blog tooling makes capital. Makes sence to me. [via Blog Herald]

October 2004

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