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March 2005

Nifty Corners

by 56 others
How to make rounded corners in CSS.

February 2005

43 Folders

by 50 others
a bunch of tricks, hacks and other cool stuff

Easily mod your PS2 in 30 minutes... (with no soldering!)

This guy sounds like he knows what he's doing. I may try this. [via Digg]

January 2005

Simple Web Design - How To

how to create a simple website design

Menu items disappear after update

I had this problem. I'm glad we found this!

December 2004

mezzoblue ��� CSS Problem-Solving

Rules and tips for CSS problem solving

Cross-Column Pull-Outs: A List Apart

by 2 others
How to center a picture around columns of text.

MSNBC - Tivo for your iPod

Unfortunately, I have neither an iPod, nor a Tivo...:(

HTML Basix - Mouseover images generator

A helpful generator for making HTML mouseover buttons.

November 2004

Turn your PC into a Mac - Engadget -

Download these programs first and then get ready to fool some people! [via Linkfilter]

Make your own iPOD for just �5

"So if you are desperate to get the look but you can’t afford it, here’s how to cheat your way trendy for less than a fiver."

Skinning Gmail with a Custom Stylesheet []

by 18 others
How to skin your Gmail Box in just a few easy steps. [Via Linkpool]

centricle : css filters (css hacks)

by 33 others
A chart showing what css attribute will work in which browser/OS, and what will not.

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