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March 2005 WordPress Theme Browser

by 32 others
An awesome tool for viewing WP1.5 themes. Great job Alex! loader |

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Load your bookmarks to [LifeHacker]

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diagnostic tools and utilities for your PC

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"This is a PHP script that will grab the RSS from and add/update the entries in your WordPress blog."

February 2005

Bookmarklet Builder

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building bookmarklets using javascript

Expired Domains and Dropped Domains Portal

Search for an expired or dropped domain. [Lifehacker]

Web Album Generator -

A great way to publish photogalleries to the web. [via Lifehacker]

CuteColor - Download CuteColor from Webmaster Tools category

CuteColor is a easy-to-use Color Picker. Designed for web developers who manually edit HTML source code, C VB or Delphi programmer.

Web-Design-Toy - Download Web-Design-Toy from Web Tools category

Great HTML learning tool. Displays formatted HTML as you type so you can instantly see the effect of various HTML tags. Perfect companion for any HTML tutorial.

Color Blender

by 47 others
Good for creating appropriate color schemes for your site.

January 2005

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An open source directory of wonderful open source things.

Bookmarklet Crunchinator

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Creates a bookmarklet from some JS code. [via Hotlinks]

December 2004

PepperBall Technologies, Incorporated | Home

I saw this on modern marvels tonight. It was for the non-leathal weapons episode.