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March 2005

February 2005

orangeCalc - Download orangeCalc from Finance category

"orangeCalc 2005 is a easy calculator, where you can quick make calculations without switching to an complex application."

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

by 74 others
Some are just as good if not better than their commercial counterparts [via Digg]

Web Album Generator -

A great way to publish photogalleries to the web. [via Lifehacker]

January 2005

My Notes Keeper

Keep track of your notes with Tabbed and Tree structures. [via Blog-Her RSS]

TV Online

Now you can watch hundreds (300+) of LIVE worldwide channels on your PC, free of charge.

Red Hat readies new release | The Register

I always thought Red Hat was the Windows of the Linux world. [via WinXPCentral]

Photoblog Scripts and Programs - PhotoblogsWiki

by 1 other
Several options in creating a photoblog .

The challenge to Internet Explorer

"The Internet browser Firefox is going to whomp Microsoft Internet Explorer..."[via WinXPCentral]

December 2004

Open Source Alternatives: Weighing the Pros and Cons (Open Source)

weighing the pros and cons of open source alternative software [via Linkfilter]

November 2004


an apple program for journaling and adding your journal to the internet.

Abilon - Freeware RSS Feeds (channels) Aggregator - Home

by 1 other
I love freeware, and even more so I love freeware news aggregators!

WORDSMITH - a tool for passionate bloggers

"[...]able to post, link to your pals, allow people to post comments & trackback you, give you a neat blogrolling tool, let you see who's visiting you, etc." [via Sourceforge]

Gallery :: your photos on your website

by 48 others
One of the gallery subjects that I was attempting to use.

Spread Firefox - Igniting the web

by 65 others
"Welcome to Spread Firefox. You are our marketing department, a diverse community of people tired of swatting popups, chasing spyware, combatting identity theft and installing security updates you could set your watch to." With an intro like that, what mo

CherryOS - have a choice!

by 3 others
"Our solution, CherryOS, is to turn a PC into a Macintosh clone, and to run MacOS and Macintosh applications directly on the PC. You benefit from the lower cost and faster speed of the PC, and still keep the use of your Macintosh applications."

HoverSnap download and review - screen capture tool from SnapFiles

"HoverSnap is a small but powerful screen capture utility that can capture the entire desktop, the active window or custom areas on the screen and save the image to JPEG, GIF, BMP or PNG format."

WordPress Wiki - Home Page

by 2 others
Wordpress' wiki site for detailed and gentle explanations of the publisher's ingenious system! - Encrypted Email Software, Secure Email Software, Free Secure Email Service, GNU Open Source Software - Encrypted Email Software, Secure Email Software, Free Secure Email Service, GNU Open Source Software Free, accepting donations. Give Outlook™ the boot!

Anagram Genius

by 1 other
Download the trial and have some fun! Visit the archives or add your own to their database!

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