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November 2005

June 2005

Stem Cell Advances May Make Moral Issue Moot

Well finally the Moralists can stop whining "it's abortion!".

May 2005

What Color Eyes Would Your Children Have?

by 3 others
Pretty neat -- according to this, our children will have blue eyes. Well, duh, I could have told you that.

April 2005 | Discovery

Rats laughed long before humans -- and they make wonderful pets too!

March 2005

The Improbability of God

by 2 others
Why there isn't a god. [StumbleUpon]

Ancient Religions

by 1 other
World religions and science

February 2005

connotea: bookmarks

by 45 others
like, only science specific.

January 2005

Pacific Tsunami Museum Newsletters

The science behind a tsunami. [via]

December 2004

PepperBall Technologies, Incorporated | Home

I saw this on modern marvels tonight. It was for the non-leathal weapons episode. Curbside prophet

I find this so entertaining that I think I just might start a cult following. :)

November 2004

The Phobia List

by 2 others

Times Online - Sunday Times

"Scientists find way to make us slaves" [via Linkfilter]

July 2004

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