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November 2005

Fetching, Re-mixing and Displaying Multiple RSS Feeds in Wordpress

Five different plugins for displaying RSS feeds in your Wordpress blog.

October 2005

Feedster (sf) :: RSS Search Engine

"Feedster is first and foremost a search engine, however unlike a general web search engine like Google, Feedster includes only a certain type of content, called feeds, which provide many advantages." I've just started using this. I can't give it a heads-or-tails answer yet, but so far so good.

May 2005

Photo Matt » Google's RSS Ads

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It doesn't make much sence, but I'm tracking this article to get the full story.

March 2005


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a minimalist weblog software.

February 2005 -

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fresh tech news from around the net

RSS with PHP and Magpie - Olate

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Help learning and understanding Magpie

Boing Boing: CNET Launching Web-Based RSS Reader

Lets see how it stands up to Bloglines...

January 2005

Web Development -- Running RSS with Magpie

A brief but helpful explanation of rss aggregation with various methods including Magpie.

lilina news aggregator

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I've always wanted something like this.

December 2004

LaughingMeme: Wordpress RSS Aggregator

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I'd love to make a devblog using this!

November 2004

Abilon - Freeware RSS Feeds (channels) Aggregator - Home

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I love freeware, and even more so I love freeware news aggregators! - inforss: index

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Read RSS feeds in your Firefox browser. [via]

October 2004

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