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March 2005 - Now Clinton jumps on the violent videogames bandwagon

And we all know who she's married to, right? [linkfilter]

Russell Beattie Notebook - Banned Comic

Funny, funny, funny! [Linkroll]

February 2005

AlterNet: Home

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Providing facts and figures that you can't argue with.

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Fighting the New World Order and the Police State in an infowar [StumbleUpon]

January 2005

TOP TEN MOST OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENTS OF 2004 ... [Media Matters for America]

"Here are the Top Ten most outrageous statements we have heard this year from members of the media." [via Linkfilter]

December 2004 - Canada's not so nice, after all of the few articles encouraging Americans NOT to move to Canada.

November 2004

Virtual Canadian .org / Virtual Canadian .ca

Remember when being a Canadian was something you made fun of people for? Not any more!

HTML version of the 9/11 Commission Executive Summary (

Kottke created a nifty HTML version of the 9/11 Exec. Summary.

Sorry Everybody

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america apologizes to the world for the recent election. [via Linkpool]

Fuck the South

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Someone's got far too much time and anger!

July 2004

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news from everyone's favorite pundit

Wired News

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my favorite technology news source


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a self described directory of wonderful things

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