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March 2005

MySQLicious [ nanovivid

by 18 others
MySQLicious is a tool for mirroring bookmarks into a MySQL database.

A community tutorial website.

February 2005

Full-time PHP/Web Developer Wanted |

The Participatory Politics Foundation and Downhill Battle are looking to jointly hire a full time web developer for a variety of projects. [Hotlinks]

11 Cool Things You Can Do With PHP

by 2 others
In case you need eleven of 'em.

Review of Beehive Forum .5

Free open source forums for your website!

RSS with PHP and Magpie - Olate

by 2 others
Help learning and understanding Magpie

Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL, Third Edition (Books)

"This book is for those who like step-by-step directions accompanied by explanations of how things work." Yeah, that's me.

January 2005

Web Development -- Running RSS with Magpie

A brief but helpful explanation of rss aggregation with various methods including Magpie.

lilina news aggregator

by 18 others
I've always wanted something like this.

December 2004

Mike Davidson: Converting CGI Movable Type Templates to PHP

This would make things a hell of a lot easier in MT.

November 2004

Gallery :: your photos on your website

by 48 others
One of the gallery subjects that I was attempting to use.

PHPBBforFree Home - The Future of Forum Hosting.

"PHPBBforFree is a service which offers free PHPBB hosting using an automatic and custom forum creation script. PHPBBforFree allows you to setup a free online PHPBB forum instantly in seconds with full control over your free PHPBB chat forum. PHPBBforFree

Password protect your blog :: Adam Kalsey

In case you want to password protect an entry in Movable Type.

MySQLinks | Main

A links management system utilizing the power of php and mysql database.

Dietrich Ayala | PHP API

by 7 others
More help with integrating

Build A Simple Style Switcher in CSS [CSS Tutorials]

a simple styleswitcher for skins and the like.

October 2004

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