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May 2005


Rate who you are against other people. I don't have the ego for this.

February 2005

Why I Am Not A Christian

Bought the book, own the T-shirt.

January 2005

TOP TEN MOST OUTRAGEOUS STATEMENTS OF 2004 ... [Media Matters for America]

"Here are the Top Ten most outrageous statements we have heard this year from members of the media." [via Linkfilter]

December 2004

Susan Mernit's Blog (mark-pesce-on-bittorrent)

He put it in words best about the whole Biztorrent debacle. [via BoingBoing]

The DivaCup

In the world of feminine hygiene products, this is the strangest.

November 2004

NNDB: Tracking the entire world

Tracking the entire world (I wish I knew what NNDB stood for...)

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